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Factors that Affect Consumer-to-Consumer Sales: An Inductive Predictive Analytics Approach
2023, Association for Information Systems
C2C e-commerce, sales performance, social capital, trust, data analytics, consumer behavior
This study investigates factors affecting consumer-to-consumer (C2C) sales performance, specifically in the context of second-hand luxury goods. Using a large dataset of users from a French C2C luxury fashion website, the research identifies factors influencing C2C sales beyond current knowledge. Findings show that the number of followers a seller has, as well as the number of products a seller wishes for and likes, are associated with increased sales. Additionally, the study uncovers unexpected results: sellers listing many products also buy many products, and the number of users a seller follows is associated with increased sales. These findings contribute to a better understanding of the unique characteristics of C2C e-commerce. The article provides practical implications for sellers and C2C platforms to improve their sales performance, catering to the dual-role nature of users in C2C transactions.
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