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Are we all green? Understanding the microfoundations of corporate citizenship
L. M. Pacheco
, ,
C. Krüger
M. T. D. A. Lourenção
A. C. F. Caldana
2018, Journal of Cleaner Production, 195, pp.552-561
Although corporate citizenship (CC) has gained space in the discussion of organizations' responsibilities, previous research indicates that this is not a solid concept inside a company, suggesting a significant level of heterogeneity below the firm level. Based on secondary data collection, documental analysis, interviews and a survey of 403 employees, we investigate the microfoundations of CC in a company leader in sustainable initiatives. Our analyses revealed four distinct profiles: (a) dreamers, who see CC at an advanced level of understanding inside the company and whose corporate actions are coherent with the strategic intent of the firm to become a global citizen; (b) believers, who recognize previous actions on CC but who still see low leadership engagement and, consequently, room for improvement regarding CC management; (c) critics, who perceive that the company is doing something but who identify several faults and areas for improvement; and (d) skeptics, who do not acknowledge the company's effort toward CC or who are not able to connect corporate strategy with CC. Furthermore, we provide a framework for managing the perceptions of CC to increase employee engagement. Thus, the study brings fresh thoughts on how CC is spread and understood inside firms and reveals the importance of firms' microstructures for the development and implementation of sustainability strategies.
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