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Towards integrating quality in theoretical models of acceptance: An extended proposed model applied to e-Learning services
Andrea Cristina Micchelucci MALANGA
Roberto Carlos BERNADES
Felipe Borini
Rafael Morais PEREIRA
2022, British Journal of Educational Technology, 53(1), pp.8-22
Extended Technology
Acceptance models
The use of e-learning services is growing in different contexts, especially in the COVID-19 pandemic. This study aims to examine students’ acceptance of and intention to use Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for university education in Brazil using the extended technology acceptance model, unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT), integrating quality construct adapted from the Service Quality Evaluation Model (ServQual). Examining a large sample (n = 1237) of students in Brazil through questionnaires, we investigate the behaviour of the users concerning the factors that influence the technology acceptance and the intention of the use in an e-learning system. Results show that intention to use an LMS is affected by the facilitating conditions (skilful, workable and easy to use), social influence (remarkable, preference for use and relevance), habit (routine, enjoyable and entertaining) and quality (reliable, tangibility, responsiveness and assurance), but not for effort expectancy (agility, knowledge and productivity). Our research findings suggest fostering replicate the model in different universities and countries understanding potential differences.
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