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My choice, your problem? Mandating IT use in large organisational networks
Andrea Carugati
Walter Fernandez
, ,
Cecilia Rossignoli
2018, Information Systems Journal, 28(1), pp.6-47
institutional processes
mandated systems
IT-mediated transformation
exploratory case study
process studies of change
On the basis of a four-year exploratory study of a mandatory information systems implementation by an Italian, multibillion-dollar dairy cooperative with 2200 members, this paper describes how key stakeholders engage in dynamic transformation processes that shape the technology, the users' practices and the organisation itself. In doing so, this study responds to calls for process-oriented longitudinal explorations and suggests an alternative path of adoption in which the technology becomes the reification of a bi-directional discourse about the transformation of practices for the entire network of organisations. In presenting this alternative path, this study unveils a five-phase change process that both altered perceptions of the technology and its possibilities at the same time resolving tensions among the drivers and users of the mandated system. © 2016 John Wiley & Sons Ltd
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