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Mobility as a Service: An Exploratory Study of Consumer Mobility Behaviour
Quentin Berger
Karoliina Haavisto
2020, Sustainability, 12(19), pp.15
Key challenges in transportation need to be addressed to tackle the problems of fossil fuel emissions and worsened air quality in urban area. The development of a more efficient and clean transport system could benefit from mobility as a service (MaaS). The present paper aims to understand the determinants of the intention to adopt such a service. We test the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) on mobility behavior and intention to adopt mobility as a service, and we analyze the role of perceived cost saving as a determinant for the perceived ease of use. Data were collected through a survey on a sample of 201 potential adopters. The findings show that for such a technology, perceived usefulness fully mediate the influence of perceived ese of use on the intention to adopt. Moreover, the effect of perceived cost saving on perceived ease of use is moderated by the life cycle of the technology. Implications for marketing managers and policy makers are discussed
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