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Exploitation and exploration of IT in times of pandemic: from dealing with emergency to institutionalizing crisis practices
Andrea Carugati
, ,
Loic Ple
Antonio Giangreco
2020, European Journal of Information Systems, 29(6), pp.762-777
IT uses
crisis management
process model
COVID-19 crisis
Pär Ågerfalk
Kieran Conboy and Michael Myers
When looking at changes in IT adoption and use in organisations, our theories rely – for the most part – on slow adoption timespans or – to a lesser extent – abrupt crises of short duration. We lack a model of IT adoption during a crisis of extended duration. This paper tackles this gap by looking at the IT-explorative and -exploitative teaching-related practices of university lecturers in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Based on qualitative data from three European higher education institutions and their responses to the COVID-19 crisis, we propose a process model of IT exploration/exploitation under a condition of extended crisis. The model shows that IT use and practices in response to a prolonged crisis go through phases, presenting predictable challenges that management can alleviate with a well-timed approach.
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