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Fostering inclusive higher education through universal design for learning and inclusive pedagogy – EU and US faculty perceptions
N. Timus
M. E. Bartlett
J. E. Bartlett
S. Ehrlich
2023, Higher Education Research & Development
Universal design for learning
inclusive teaching
international higher education
Academic debate highlights the need to develop suitable teaching and training practices to accompany the implementation of universal design for learning (UDL) and inclusive higher education policies. This study addresses this need by investigating the relationship between knowledge and utilization of inclusive pedagogy, on the one hand, and the degree of implementation of UDL principles, on the other hand. While inclusive pedagogy is uniquely different from UDL, the two hold great value for one another and contribute equally to advancing inclusive education. This research is based on a quantitative analysis of original data from an international survey, comparing US and EU responses. It reveals that all the variance across gender and country of employment in UDL implementation is due to knowledge and utilization of inclusive pedagogy. Therefore, we argue that higher education institutions must invest in increasing faculty understanding and practical implementation of inclusive teaching through professional development to achieve scalable UDL implementation. This will contribute to tackling new developments in international education, such as ensuring inclusive and equitable education for an increasingly diverse student body and preparing students for engaging in social justice and positive global change, in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
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