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Pailot, P., Chasserio, S., Lebègue, T. and Poroli, C. (2022). Les inégalités dans l’entrepreneuriat des femmes : proposition d’un cadre d’analyse bidimensionnel catégoriel et relationnel. Management International, 27(4), pp. 110-123.

​Sperber, S. and Linder, C. (2023). Gender biasin IT entrepreneurship: The self-referential role of male overrepresentation indigital businesses. European Journal of Information Systems, 32(5), pp.902-919. ​

Gribling, M. & Duberley, J. (2021). Global competitive pressures and career ecosystems: contrasting the performance management systems in UK and French Business Schools. Personnel Review, 50(5), pp. 1409-1425.

Su, Y., Cao, Y. and Capra, M. (2023). Canprosocial incentives and self-chosen goals improve performance? An onlinereal-effort experiment. Oxford Economic Papers. ​

Rayna, T., Stiukova, L. and Fauchart, E. (2023). Commercialisation Strategies of Large-Scale and Distributed Open innovation: The Case of Open Source Hardware. California Management Review, 65(2), pp. 22–44. 

Bournakis, I., Boikos, S., Christopoulos, D. andMcadam, P. (2023). Financial reforms and innovation: A micro–macro perspective.Journal of International Money and Finance, 132, pp. 102820. 

Viardot, E., Brem, A. and Nylund, P. (2023).Post-pandemic implications for crisis innovation: A technological innovationview. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 194, pp. 122680.  

Amin, M. and Motta, V. (2023). The impact ofcorruption on SMEs’ access to finance: Evidence using firm-level survey datafrom developing countries. Journal of Financial Stability, 68(October), pp.101175. ​

Daniel, C., Gentina, E. and Kaur, T. (2023). Mindfulness and green purchase intention: A mediated moderation model uncovering the role of ethical self-identity. Ecological Economics, 209, pp. 107810.  

Goethals, S., Bardwell, J., Bhacker, M. & Ezzelarab, B. (2017). Business human rights responsibility for refugees and migrant workers: Turning policies into practice in the Middle East. Business and Human Rights Journal, 2(2), pp. 335-342. 

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