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Workshop "Beyond routine replacing technical change"

Workshop co-organisé par l'OFCE Sciences-Po, SKEMA Business School, le CNRS-GREDEG et l'Université Nice Cote d’Azur

Beyond Routine Replacing Technical Change: Trade, Innovation and the Changing Nature of Jobs


Workshop Program

1-2 June 2017

Venue: GREDEG, Amphitheatre


H 13.45: Welcome Address

H 14.00: Opening Lecture, David Autor (MIT and NBER)

"The Fall of the Labor Share and the Rise of Superstar Firms"

David Autor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

with David Dorn (University Zurich), Lawrence Katz (Harvard University), Christina Patterson (MIT) and John Van Reenen (MIT)

H 15.30-19.00, Session 1: Tasks, Skills and Technical Change

"Matching on Tasks: Evidence from an Online Job Platform"

Anna Salomons, University of Utrecht

with Maarten Goos (University of Utrecht), Emilie Rademakers (University of Leuven) and Bert Willekens (University of Leuven)

H 16.30, Coffee Break

"Technological change, training requirements, and job polarization"

Georg Graetz, Uppsala University

with Andy Feng (Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry)

"Disentangling Occupation- and Sector-specific Technological Change"

Zsofia Barany, Sciences-Po

with Christian Siegel (University of Kent)

H 19.15: Bus for the Social Dinner at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes

H 20.00: Social Dinner


H. 9.00, Session 2: Routine Jobs

"Disappearing Routine Jobs: Who, How and Why?"

Matias Cortes, University of Manchester

with Nir Jaimovich (University South. California), Henry Siu (University British Columbia)

"Routinization and Employment Dynamics: the Role of Within-Occupation Task Changes"

Giovanni Marin, University of Urbino

with Davide Consoli (INGENIO), Francesco Rentocchini (University of Milan) and Francesco Vona (OFCE SciencesPo)

H 11.00, Coffee Break

H. 11.30, Session 3: Local Labour Markets

"Innovation and Employment Dynamics: Evidence from UK Local Labour Markets"

Tommaso Ciarli, SPRU University of Sussex

with Alberto Marzucchi (SPRU), Edgar Salgado (SPRU) and Maria Savona (SPRU)

"The Labor Market Impact of Trade with China and with the Eastern EU countries: Evidence from Italy"

Michele Raitano, University of Rome La Sapienza

with Carlo Fiorio (University of Milan) and Giovanni Peri (University of California)

H. 13.30: Lunch Break

H. 14.30, Session 4: Organizational Change and Trade

"Labor Market Consequences of Organizational Change"

Catherine Laffineur, GREDEG-CNRS

with Jennifer Poole (American University)

"Techies, Trade, and Productivity: Firm Level Evidence from France"

Ariell Reshef, Paris School of Economics

with James Harrigan (University of Virginia) and Farid Toubal (ENS-Cachan)

H.16.30: Short Coffee Break

"Firm Export Diversification and Labor Organization"

Sarah Guillou, OFCE SciencesPo

with Tania Treibich (University of Maastricht) and Michele Bernini (Bank of England)

H.17.45: End of the Workshop and Farewell

Guidelines for presenters: 45-50 minutes talk, 10-15 minutes discussion

Contacts local organizers: (+33699337999, whatsapp);;

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