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Sales techniques

Étienne ANDRÉ
04 93 95 32 94

The course is for anyone who wishes to improve his/her negotiation skills. Prerequisite: Upper-Intermediate level in English (B2-C1).

Tarif. ​1 275 € (nets de taxes)
Domaine d'expertise. Langues
Durée. ​3 days
Dates. ​Groups formed upon request.
Please contact us.

Sophia Antipolis.

Workshop in english.


Group size: 4 to 6 participants.




Be able to welcome, inform, sell and encourage customer loyalty





  • Selling is a difficult job!
  • The CENA method: Contact - Empathy - Adherence - Negotiation

Contact: the welcoming phase/rule of the 4 twenties

  • The first 20 seconds: the environment
  • The first 20 words: your verbal language
  • The first 20 gestures: your body language
  • The first 20 steps


  • Active listening: be a careful listener
  • Discovery of the needs
  • The power of questions: quality over quantity
  • Silence

Customer motivations: S.E.N.C.E.R.

  • Security / Ego / Novelty / Comfort / Economy / Reassurance


  • Restatement: the art and importance of reformulation to get a “Yes!”
  • Create curiosity: storytelling
  • To try is to adopt!
  • Wrap the price
  • CAB Presentation: Characteristics -Advantages - Benefits
  • Handling objections


  • Closing the sale: the buying signals
  • Tips to conclude
  • Additional purchase
  • Selling continues: reassure the customer - create loyalty - last minute gesture
  • Make a good last impression



The course will involve a balance between structured tutor input and group exercises (negotiation exercises, group sessions…). It is based on active-learning principles and demands full commitment from participants.
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