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Get your Point Across

Introduce you to a number of well-tried techniques that can help you to communicate better.
Formation dispensée en anglais.
Contact. Géromine RICHIER
+33 (0)4 93 95 32 48

​Anyone who feels the need to improve his / her communication skills. Everyone who has a point to make.

Tarif. 1 690 € (nets de taxes)
Domaine d'expertise. Efficacité professionnelle
Durée. ​2 days
Dates. Paris, Lille & Sophia Antipolis : Please contact us.


Learn to get your point across
Discover techniques to make your message stick
 Explore a range of communication techniques (verbal, visual)



Making the point:

  • What is it you really want to say ?
  • Focus on points, not words / Draw a picture

Make it stick:

  • Brain-based / Successful communication / Who’s receiving and how?

Make it short:

  • The pyramid principle / Paring it down / Throwing stuff out

Wake them all up:

  • Grabbing the audience / Great beginnings


The stuff of myth and rumours:

  • The devil’s in the detail / Illustration, anecdote and example / Making it concrete

Get them to believe:

  • Authority: yours and someone else’s / Why we believe / Learning from confidence tricksters and magicians

Make them feel:

  • Use and abuse of emotion / Thinking about thinking: systems one and two

Tell stories:

  • Everybody has a story to tell / A story for every occasion / Every picture tells a story



The course will be hands-on and active. Participants will be expected to work on communication projects, do pitches and try new things.
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