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CPF in French as a foreign language


​Étienne ANDRÉ
04 93 95 32 94

Public. ​Professionals & spouses willing to learn the language or improve their oral & written skills.

Group size: 4 to 6 participants.
Tarif. ​15 to 25 € / h net depending on the OPCA of your company, for 30 hours.
Domaine d'expertise. Langues
Durée. ​30 hours or more
Dates. ​Sophia Antipolis :
Groups formed upon request.
Please contact us.



Develop or reinforce confidence

Acquire the necessary skills to understand 

Speak or write (= communicate) effectively + take the TFI test from ETS
             at the end.



  • Adapted to different levels
  • with preparation to TFI exam at the end (required because of CPF rules)


Elementary 1 & 2

You have just arrived in the area with no previous knowledge or a French 101 course ; you want to cope with basic situations.

Pre-Intermediate 1 & 2

You understand some, but speaking is still difficult because you get all your verb forms mixed up (why do they have so many anyway ? !) ; you need a coach to help you go fast forward.

Intermediate 1 to 3

You have been here a while and can get by, but conjugating in the past is still difficult, you start your sentence with « vous » and finish it with « toi », and use of some pronouns is a 50/50 chance game ; the subjunctive mood remains a mystery !

Upper Intermediate to Advanced

Everybody tells you your French is « charming », but you’d like to make fewer mistakes, string sentences in the past without fail, master this d**** subjunctive, and be able to write elaborate prose to a client or an administration.




Lots of room for listening and speaking, with explanations on grammar and structures to build a good base or stand on more solid ground. Understanding tricky rules and get finesse for the more advanced learners.

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